I am going to try my best not to make this like a myspace into type of thing which seems impossible being that I have to tell ya’ll a little bit about myself. Okay, Okay let me be serious for a sec.

Hey Yallll I’m Porshia, I currently reside in North Carolina with my husband and four verrryyyy adorable children! I love Jesus & I have a passion for an unposed wedding and portrait photography meaning I focus on capturing sweet candid moments rather than traditional posed ones. My heart beats people and in every session it is so important for my clients to know that they matter!

Random facts about Porshia

  • My husband hit me up on myspace and the rest was historyyyy

  • I still struggle with eating my veggies

  • almost 30 and still cannot walk in heels

  • Grey’s anatomy’s number one fan

  • Can’t dance but I can do a mean shimmy